This is such an incredible story and needs to be told. The author not only gets the story itself across (all those remarkable key historic events in which he participated) but also conveys the difficulty in piecing together this ‘hidden’ story. Even Waclaw’s family had no idea about just what he had been through and what he had seen. The illustrations and photographs are really helpful in telling what is an epic story on the stage of C20th Europe. But it is also a story that is gripping and very personal. I wanted to know more about his life in England and about his girlfriend left behind. As generations pass, these stories of joy, suffering and unbelievable experiences must be kept alive. I really enjoyed this book and I can only thank the author for telling her father’s story so well. I want to read more.
Revd S Ball, Verified Purchase, Amazon

Riveting, Once i picked up i could not put it down. Hard to believe it is a true story, such an incredible man, and his daughter has put his lifes story down in a book, much research has gone into this and thumbs up to Irena for giving us an opportunity to get to know this man. Recommended to anyone who is into polish history and the second world war.
Mr C. A. Hain, Verified Purchase, Amazon

A very well written account of her fathers journey that helps me relate to my fathers travels.
Stephen Stelmaszuk, Verified Purchase, Amazon